3M Select Graphics Specialist Platinum Partner

Your brand.
Safe in our hands.

We are proud to be in an elite group of companies that carry the highest level of approval from 3M for its commercial graphics solutions. As a 3M Select Graphics Specialist with Platinum Partner status, you can be sure that your graphics and signage requirements are in safe hands with Aura Brand Solutions.

3M's endorsement means you can trust us to deliver on quality and performance, providing you with all important peace of mind that the investment in your graphics is protected.

3M MCS Warranty

Being a 3M Select Platinum Partner shows we meet and exceed the standards for hardware, system and software components, quality control and production facilities, capacity and technical skills. We are able to supply 3M graphics films and 3M Matched Components quickly and cost effectively to produce market-leading warranted graphics for your projects, whether they are for your vehicles, buildings, products or events.

Kits Produced

Total Package.

By working with a 3M Select Platinum Partner, you'll benefit from the combined product innovation, technical expertise, ethics and financial stability of 3M and Aura Brand Solutions.


Unrivalled Capability.

3M Select Platinum Partners are not only highly qualified, but also the largest, most capable and most technically advanced graphics specialists in the market.

Adding Value


Holding this seal of approval is a result of our work with leading UK and global brands who continually count on us to successfully implement their projects using innovative and high performance graphics.

Why risk it? 

As branding programmes become increasingly complex and demanding, the risks and costs of graphic failure resulting from poor product selection, using incompatible inks, incorrect production or poor installation techniques can quickly mount up. It can end up costing you more than just ‘putting the problem right’. It could cost your reputation. 

Instead choose Aura Brand Solutions as your 3M Select Platinum Partner to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with graphics that are manufactured under the 3M Select Partner Warranties.

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