Targeted messaging for M&S Money campaign using vehicle banner system

M&S Money uses vehicle advertising to reach capital audience

March 25, 2011

Vehicle frame technology has been a part of our business for over 5 years and during this time we have enjoyed continued growth and investment.

Marks & Spencer was an early adopter of this technology and recognised the benefit using fleet as a marketing strand could deliver to their business. The initial requirement from M&S was to frame 60 trailers and run a ‘Look Behind the Label’ advertising campaign for the Foods Department. Since then the M&S frame fleet has grown to over 300 vehicles with a variety of M&S brands now using the platform to run marketing campaigns.

One division in particular – M&S Money – has been a regular supporter of the M&S truck advertising fleet, running 5 campaigns over the past few years with campaigns promoting products such as car insurance, credit cards and travel money. The latest truck campaign promotes a new investment product from M&S Money, but is the first time any M&S Money campaign has promoted HSBC, financial partner to M&S, alongside the M&S brand.

The campaign was installed to 30 Urban Rigid vehicles and 5 large 13.6mtr Single Deck Trailers with the majority of these vehicles operating in and around the London area. This gives great exposure and ensures that the campaign is visible in the heart of the financial centre of the UK!

Allan Hamilton commented “The continued support of M&S Money is fantastic and they really understand the value the trucks have as a media platform. The value and reach of the trucks is truly exceptional and we have worked hard with M&S to ensure the trucks are part of the media landscape for their campaigns. The photography we commissioned really shows just how noticeable the trucks are and I am sure will go a long way to increasing campaign activity with the rest of the M&S brands.”