Some of the Aura team working from home during the current coronavirus crisis

We’re Still Working... Many of Us From Home

April 16, 2020

At Aura, we have remained operational, albeit with a reduced workforce. It's enabled us to continue to support our customers providing essential services with items such as social distancing floor graphics, safety-critical labelling and livery for the core transport infrastructure and the emergency services across the UK.

Like many, we've had to adapt during these unusual times. One thing, in particular, that's changed for us is the number of colleagues working from home. Our Sales & Marketing teams are used to working remotely. But now we've got lots doing it, including Customer Services, Estimating, Finance, HR, Studio, IT and Project Management.

Despite many of us working remotely, it's actually brought us closer together. Morning video calls and getting new insights into everyone's life outside of work are part of the daily routine. Here are some interesting aspects of our home offices. Andy's mini zoo of various pets, Tim's Aura supporting pooch, Kerri's Spice Girls t-shirt, Nic's birthday chocolate stash and Emma's helpful little assistant!

To those of you that are working from home, we hope that you're finding fresh and new ways to keep yourselves motivated and staying in touch with your customers & colleagues. All the best from everyone at Aura.