Unifying a brand new fleet

Thames Water are the UK’s largest water company, extracting, cleaning, and delivering water and treating wastewater across London and the Thames Valley. They transport over 7 billion litres of water to serve 15 million people, delivering public value to everyone in the area. Protecting and enhancing the environment, and making a positive impact on local communities is integral to their business practices.

To reflect this, it was time for Thames Water to update their vehicles and brand their new fleet accordingly. Thames Water were seeking a dedicated graphics manufacturing company, as opposed to using vehicle conversion yards, and chose Aura for the project, knowing that we had the experience and capacity to deliver.

Thames Water had experienced issues with other graphics suppliers in the past but our advanced online ordering system and truly nationwide coverage, in terms of application services, confirmed Aura as the right partner for the job.

Full fleet management service

Thames Water required us to seamlessly oversee the project and liaise with the vehicle manufacturer, dealership and fit-out converter. Adhering to schedule and completing the branding to the highest standard were the keys to success. Recreating Thames Water’s original branding, our team designed the graphics to the new vehicle fleet specifications.

Key objectives:

  • Unify Thames Water’s new fleet with subtly updated branding
  • Reduce vehicle off-road time at their accident repairers
  • Complete the project in several phases as the batches of vehicles became available
  • Effectively coordinate with multiple parties to meet deadlines as Thames Water were experiencing a reorganisation process to ensure the smooth completion of the project
  • Rebrand additional old identity vehicles after accidents through our accident damage repair program

Success through communication

We supplied and applied the graphics in conjunction with Thames Water’s chosen vehicle conversion partner. Market-leading cast films were used to wrap the vehicles and reflective side and rear chevrons were added to improve the safety of the vehicles.

Aura worked with multiple parties to deal with the interrupted knowledge transference due to the reorganisation at Thames Water. To overcome this, weekly meetings were set up with Thames Water, the vehicle supplier, and the vehicle converters, so that all four parties were aware of what was happening, and issues could be anticipated and resolved.

  • Our online ordering system reduced vehicle off-road time by enabling Thames Water to manage their repair network more efficiently and with more traceability
  • The job was completed to deadlines and the client was pleased with the result
  • A high-quality finish was achieved on all vans unifying branding throughout
  • Core fleet branding was completed, including existing flusher vehicles, with matching branding
  • Approximately 243 vehicles wrapped in batch 1 and 126 vehicles wrapped in batch 2
  • 258 vehicle wraps on order for Q1 2022

The livery looks absolutely brilliant. The blue looks really vibrant, there were a lot of positive comments from our guys.

-Daniel Cleary (Fleet Optimisation Manager for Thames Water)