Solidifying workplace brand image

A united brand image is not just an imperative factor of customer-facing spaces – it’s also a necessity for employees’ working environments.

Staff are one of the most important assets and ambassadors of a brand, so their physical working environment should reflect the identity of the whole organisation.

One of the many organisations that we’ve helped to implement a unified brand identity are HSBC. We began the brand implementation from their external space, with the use of bespoke wing design totems & navigation flags to compliment the transformation of the office interiors.

We used illuminated lettering, curved directories & flag signs, printed wall wraps, and cut window films to reflect a cohesive look across all touchpoints, on an international scope.

Implementation on an international scale

  • To provide a comprehensive global branding programme throughout 85 countries, using a combination of external signage, wayfinding, and workplace branding.
  • Enriching the HSBC employees’ workplace environment with large format graphics, whilst retaining full brand consistency.
  • An environmental element to the signage was very important, to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact. Due to this, all materials were locally sourced and eco-friendly.
  • We worked closely with Greenwich Design to ensure allowance for local customisation.

Brand unity across all touchpoints

Aura Brand Solutions provided central control and input at the hub of this large-scale and award-winning program, in terms of design, rollout, material specification and installation.

We were able to lower costs and provide quicker delivery times through a strategy based on central control, and the roll-out was expertly delivered by our local project managers and local network.

The project included high-level illuminated signage, using the latest LED technology and light-enhancement films to project the black signature by day and a white illuminated signature by night.

We were also able to provide bespoke wing design totems; black and red vinyl decals; and navigation flag and wall mounted directional signage, constructed from a mix of 5mm steel box framework and 3mm thick powder coated aluminium face panels, with router cut LED illuminated graphics.

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