Finding a solution for the new normal

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the face of the modern working environment, with companies coming to terms with how to keep their staff safe when the time comes to reintroduce them to the office space.

Staying operational during these uncharted times has challenged all of us at Aura Brand Solutions to think creatively about branding for the purposes of safety. With carpets, office chairs, desks and even hand-dryers being branded for instructional purposes.

We’ve worked with our customer, Fleet Operations, to create a safe and on-brand solution that accommodates this new normal in their workplace, to keep their employees aware of the new guidelines.

We always believe in our ability to provide a creative solution for any challenge, no matter how difficult or different, and this project with Fleet Operations has certainly proved that.

Working together to find a solution

To create a safe solution that allows people to return to the office as quickly as possible with peace of mind.

Key Objectives:

  • Survey the office space to understand the scale of the challenge - taking into account government advice and the key objectives of Fleet Operations.
  • To implement a one-way system on the ground floor, so staff members avoid coming in to contact with others as they walk around the office.
  • Assessing the break-out/canteen and private office spaces to see how many people can safely occupy the space at one time.
  • To find a safe sanitisation solution for any visitors or guests.
  • To provide a solution for the desks that will have to remain unoccupied until social distancing measures are reviewed.

Keeping Social Distancing On Brand

For the one-way system downstairs, we produced a number of pre-spaced arrows and floor roundels, using anti-slip and hard-wearing materials to cope with heavy footfall.

All of the desks are set out in close proximity, so we had to create a branded seat cover and specific desk labels showing what stations are in use and which are to be left free - to adhere to social distancing measures.

The same seat covers were used in the canteen area to advise where is safe to sit. Roundels were applied to the door to advise how many people are safe to enter the area at one time. The printed labels we provided also encouraged that hygiene and social distancing were in operation.

Sanitising stations have been erected and placed in the upstairs and downstairs reception areas and both office spaces, so staff and visitors can apply hand-sanitiser as soon as they enter the premises.

Labels have been added to toilet entrance doors advising a one in, one out system. Labels were also placed on hand-dryers and near sinks displaying government advice on hand-washing duration. The entire project was a huge success, with the customer extremely happy with the level of quality products and swift solutions we were able to provide.

Innovation Responsive

Innovative Products

New products sourced especially for COVID-19


Instructional Signage

Space became compliant and people feel safer

Installation 1

Installed & Surveyed

We completed the survey and installation with our internal teams

"These products give us the confidence that we're adhering to government advice and doing the right things by our colleagues as we enter the 'new normal' and look to return to work safely."

- Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director, Fleet Operations