Unifying fleets and signage across 35 sites

Greencore Group Plc are a leading manufacturer of convenience foods – proudly providing a vast range of chilled, frozen and ambient foods across the UK to their many retail and food service customers.

Recently deciding to undertake a massive company-wide rebrand, they wanted a look that represented their purpose, their people on the road, and a solidified brand identity that would help them keep providing great food across the nation.

Last year, Aura Brand Solutions successfully won the tender to work across their 35 sites, on a combined project encompassing fleet and signage. Due to client requested operational restrictions, we completed approximately half of the fleet aspect of the project in Q1 of 2021, with the rest being completed in the latter half of 2021.

Greencore pride themselves on providing excellence and delivering value in a sustainable way, so being able to provide them with branding solutions was a perfect match.

Rolling out the rebrand

Greencore were looking to implement a full rebrand across all sites and brand touchpoints, which gave Aura a lot to work with.

How their brand was represented internally and externally was incredibly important to Greencore, so they decided to award us both parts of their tender as they wanted to ensure consistency across both aspects of the project – fleet and signage.

By using a single partner with extensive experience to deliver both elements of the project, they knew they would be able to keep their brand integrity intact and trust us to deliver on all aspects of their new look.

Aura worked closely with Greencore to not just implement their rebrand, but also help provide original artwork and designs based on their specifications.

Due to the unforeseen events of the last year, Greencore had to modify how they were planning to roll out their rebrand, which meant we had to be incredibly flexible in our approach to how elements were implemented.

Quick to adapt, we started the signage element of the project with the external branding and are now delivering internal branding according to budget and desire from busy manufacturing sites.

With the fleet aspect of the project starting at the end of January 2021, our work is ongoing, with the first 102 box and panel vans and 26 large trailers already completed – and more to come later in the year. We’ve also provided vast amounts of the signage aspect of the project, tying their new look together across all touchpoints to exemplify brand unity.

Delivering large scale excellence

We collaborated with Greencore based on the brand guidelines - including fonts, positioning, and product shots - that they provided us with, to generate beautiful original designs for their entire fleet livery and signage solutions.

Health and safety restrictions were paramount to Greencore in the implementation of this project. Because of this, we worked hard to ensure that they received high-quality installation in tandem with strict Covid-19 restrictions, keeping safety at the forefront every step of the way.

Ensuring their fleet was in tip-top shape, we also made repairs on any vehicles that came in damaged or with old branding, to save Greencore any hassle. This, alongside the brand implementation, was completed at our Aura hubs throughout the country, meaning that their fleet vehicles didn’t have to travel far to be completed.

As for the signage aspect of the project, we have provided Greencore with the entirety of signage across all their sites and factory – from safety signage to huge door names and illuminated external signage.

To accomplish this effectively, Aura completed comprehensive nationwide site surveys across all 34 sites in just 3 weeks – recording 100s of signs across numerous facilities to ensure that no stone was left unturned.

The Greencore project has been a phenomenal one to work on, and we look forward to bringing more of their brand to life in the near future.

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