Menzies Distribution is a logistics company that has been delivering across the UK since 1833, to and from every high street, by utilising a vast nationwide network.

The business has a strong focus on the future, sustainability and innovation; developing and deploying new technologies and business models to make supply chains smarter, more flexible, sustainable, and valuable.

Through Aura's continued partnership with Menzies and our joint commitment to champion sustainability, we worked on the opportunity to transform their fleet rebranding with a fully recyclable material solution that results in zero waste to landfill.

Highly enthusiastic with the idea, Menzies embraced this immediately and specified this revolutionary recyclable option across their final mile delivery fleet, thereby becoming one of the first distribution fleets in the world to proactively adopt this sustainable system of materials.

With COP26 highlighting the importance of sustainability initiatives, it's clear that this unique approach is key to advancing more eco-friendly products and services that help organisations realise their environmental goals across the business landscape.

We collaborated closely with Menzies to test, develop, and produce an environmentally conscious approach to fleet branding that puts recycling at the forefront of the industry.

Menzies' iconic new branding is being rolled out across their entire fleet, and by staying true to our pillars of quality, reliability, and sustainability, we have helped to ensure the branding stays sharp and helps the planet at the same time.

Aura's Head of Strategy, Allan Hamilton, commented, "We believe sustainability has to be circular in approach, so we are really proud that this approach avoids landfill and avoids waste incineration. With the waste generated having multiple life recycling abilities, we truly have achieved something groundbreaking".

This market-leading project with Menzies was a huge success, with the rebranding rollout running smoothly and on schedule.

Aura managed every stage of the process, from livery production and installation to management of waste for recycling. With hundreds of vehicles being branded so far and many more on the way, the environmental benefits of this approach continue to grow.

Having already saved three tonnes of C02, this initiative is a real breakthrough for sustainable branding and our mutual commitment to being zero-to-landfill organisations.

Aura is now working alongside Menzies on further sustainability initiatives involving their wider fleet branding requirements, with one project alone having the potential to save hundreds of tonnes of waste going to landfill.

Menzies' Fleet & Procurement Director said of the project, "Launching this groundbreaking initiative hot on the heels of COP26 couldn't be more appropriate. We're delighted with early CO2 savings from the recyclable livery programme and determined to continue pursuing innovative routes to greater sustainability at Menzies".

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