Riot Labs is an innovative brand determined to break down barriers and stereotypes and wanted their new premises to reflect this.

The company has grown rapidly from its inception in 2017, selling vapes and e-liquids in over 60 countries in their bid to convert smokers to vaping. They recently unveiled the first carbon negative, fully recyclable bio-plastic e-cigarette, even taking charge of the end-of-life recycling!

Due to their growth, Riot Labs needed new premises and requested Aura’s services to make the environment reflect the business and what they stand for. We love variety at Aura, and Riot Lab’s ‘playfully anti-establishment’ ethos was sure to make this a fun project!

Riot Labs wanted striking interior branding using the colours associated with their multiple flavoured vapes to create spaces that would really stand out. They gave us an anti-corruption concept incorporating punk era imagery and Sex Pistols-inspired artwork as guidelines. The project involved creating numerous designs for wall and door wraps, window vinyls and signage across several offices, the reception area, boardroom, break room, and corridors.

As an innovative brand, Riot Lab wanted the designs to convey their brand values, to serve as motivation whilst they work and to make a lasting impression on visitors:

  • Best-in-Class
  • Trusted
  • Daring
  • Brash
  • Progressive
  • Momentous

Aura created unique designs for each of the areas using ideas, imagery and the values provided by Riot Labs before presenting them for approval. The client was delighted with the designs and Aura began the application process.

As many of the walls were freshly plastered, our team carried out extensive preparatory work; sanding and priming all of the surfaces to ensure a flawless finish.

The result was a complete transformation from a plain, uninspiring office to the heart of the brand! Riot Lab were delighted with how the iconic wraps and graphics clearly display their visual identity throughout the premises and created a seamless brand experience, so the project was a resounding success!

Design And Spec

Creative design

Multiple unique wraps

Installation 2

Expert installation

Flawless application

Aura Spaces

Branding spaces

Complete transformation