Helping JAAQ change the world of mental health

JAAQ is a non-profit organisation from Danny Gray, founder of War Paint. War Paint is the men’s make-up brand with the world’s first men’s make-up store.

JAAQ stands for ‘Just Ask A Question’ and will provide information and support about mental health from doctors, professors and those with experience. To facilitate their work, they will be using a van to enable them to travel around the country and visit people in person – creating an immersive experience, on the road.

Aura was commissioned to wrap the iconic van due to our excellent understanding of the branding needs for War Paint’s Carnaby Street store. The JAAQ van will be instrumental in helping all individuals with their mental health by proactively giving people a safe place to seek help. We were delighted to be involved in such an important and meaningful project!

On-brand, high-spec wrap ready for the road

Our in-house team designed the wrap from scratch according to the van’s measurements and JAAQ’s colour scheme. After approval, our installation team applied the graphics. Wrapped in a mix of multiple Aura products, using a variety of textures for contrast, branding for the van was designed and applied in time for the launch. The high-tech van was provided by JAAQ and is now ready to travel to universities, sports clubs, and many other places on its journey to ‘Changing the world of mental health, one question at a time’.

  • Aura Brand Solutions was asked to create a design and wrap the van according to the organisation's minimal black and white colour scheme.
  • We measured, designed, printed and applied the full vehicle wrap.
  • We worked to a deadline to ensure the project was completed before the JAAQ van launch date.

A monochrome transformation

The JAAQ van was transformed in-house by our expert team, resulting in an on-brand but eye-catching wrap. Using a variety of textures such as brushed metal, matte black and satin black, Aura Brand Solutions were able to create a bold and unique aesthetic from just two colours.

Using reflective white for the text made sure it stands out in low lighting and draws attention to JAAQ’s message. As a special touch, the geomatic shapes used in the wrap tie in with an area of the War Paint store on Carnaby Street which features a similar theme.

From conception to completion, we worked collaboratively with the client to make sure the end result was perfect. Check out the video to see the completed project.

Look out for the JAAQ van on your travels!

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On-brand monochrome result

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