Amazon is a global e-commerce giant that delivers over 10 million packages daily via an expansive fleet of branded trucks and vans.

With vast fleets come great advertising potential. Seen by thousands of people every day, Universal capitalised on this advertising space by using it to promote their latest animated film production; this is where Aura came in.

As an established supplier for Amazon's fleet graphics, Aura won the tender for the UK segment of this high-profile campaign. Tasked with creating a temporary and easily changeable solution, Aura converted 100 UK delivery trucks into dynamic mobile billboards for Universal's anticipated film, Migration. This success underscores the trust Amazon places in Aura's capacity to deliver outstanding results consistently.

Our AuraSwitch temporary branding solution was perfect for this campaign. With minimal downtime and minimal waste, AuraSwitch was applied over the top of the existing livery and will be easily removed after use without causing any damage to Amazons corporate branding beneath.

Aura Brand Solutions seamlessly integrated the AuraSwitch temporary branding solution onto Amazon's 100-truck fleet. This innovative approach allowed for a fusion of corporate branding with promotional content for the Illuminations film. Working collaboratively with Amazon, Aura ensured a streamlined installation process. Coordination with other essential maintenance works minimised downtime, guaranteeing operational efficiency throughout the branding transformation.

The project, from manufacture to installation, was accomplished within an impressive 5 weeks, demonstrating Aura's ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. Aura's flexible and adaptive working style ensured the transformation was a success, with a full-time project manager on-site ensuring seamless communication and navigating evolving requirements throughout the branding process.

This collaboration exemplifies Aura Brand Solutions' commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence in transforming corporate fleets into impactful mobile billboards. The successful execution of this project solidifies Aura's position as a trusted partner for industry leaders like Amazon, making your fleet work for you.