In the realm of train operations, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics is important. When providing a service, meeting the customer's needs is at the forefront of priorities. So, when it comes to rail travel, carriages must be in good condition and give passengers a positive journey experience. Everything from running efficiently to cleanliness and comfort are taken into account.

As rail branding and refurbishment experts, we have considerable knowledge about what it takes to keep rolling stock in great condition and exceed customer expectations. As such, we routinely provide our rail customers, such as Alstom, with window film to protect their assets and enhance the passenger experience, making us the first port of call for this project.

Many train operators have rolling stock passing through Alstom Derby as they head out to start their service on the tracks or return for refurbishment. It takes many things to get a train ready for service, such as labelling, liveries and of course window film. So, as Alstom’s preferred supplier due to our global framework agreement to collaborate on this project, we couldn’t wait to get started.

After working with Alstom to arrange a schedule of trains from multiple operators for installation, we set up onsite at Alstom Derby with all the tools and health and safety equipment required for projects like this. Our installers then got to work by ensuring all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and prepped as window film requires a flawless surface for maximum adherence.

Our anti-graffiti film is applied by skilled AGF installers who require a minimum of 3 months of additional training due to the more complex nature of window film compared to standard graphic film.

In total, we worked across various fleets with installation taking place continuously for South Western Rail and West Midlands Trains over 3 years as they passed through the depot for refurbishment works. As well as window film, we also supplied and applied livery and legal labels for these fleets, providing a full branding service in one stop for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to encompass a holistic approach towards ensuring a distinct brand identity but the same high standard of finish for every train we work on.

Over 500 carriages have now been fitted with protective window film at Alstom Derby for various operators, including fleets for London Overground, 3 and 5 car sets for West Midlands Trains, 5 and 10 car sets for South Western Rail and 5 and 10 car sets for Greater Anglia. All glass windows are now protected from damage such as scratches and graffiti, maintaining a pleasant internal environment for passengers.

Following successful implementation, Aura is continuing maintenance contracts nationwide, notably for South Western Rail, Great Western Rail, and Metroline. These contracts keep the fleets in top condition and help these operators provide the best possible passenger experience.

Our partnership with Alstom and our dedication to providing top-tier window film solutions have not only enhanced the visual appeal of trains but also ensured their longevity and resilience against the day-to-day challenges they must hold up against.