Sustainability at Aura

At Aura Brand Solutions, we focus all our business practices around sustainable action that demonstrates our commitment to the environment, our communities and our people.

We continuously evolve and evaluate our conscious decision-making to ensure a long-lasting, thriving future for us all.

If you're interested in learning more about our commitment to sustainability and what we're doing to reduce our impact on the planet, read through some of our articles below.

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Aura's Sustainability Principles and Goals

Taking care of our planet is now more important than ever, so we are championing eco-friendly materials, introducing more initiatives, and keeping sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

Take a look at this article, where we share our ongoing efforts to take care of our planet and community.

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Aura's Sustainability Company Pledge

Being sustainability-focused requires companies to be transparent with their staff and clients about the initiatives they have in place to tackle issues like carbon impact, wildlife conservation, and waste reduction.

Read our company pledge to find out more about the steps we are putting in place to make sure we collectively work together as a company to bring our sustainability goals to life.

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How The Rise of Sustainability is Critically Shaping Business

With more and more companies going green, it's now more important than ever to stay environmentally savvy. Championing sustainability is top of the list or many organisations, big and small - and for very good reason.

Read our insight piece here to learn more about why sustainability initiatives within business are on the rise, how that will affect the future of business, and what you can to do be a part of it.

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Partners Responsive

Innovative solutions

Working closely with key suppliers and partners to introduce new sustainable solutions

Recycle Responsive

Reducing our carbon footprint

Actively working toward offsetting our carbon footprint to net zero by year 2030

Business Priorities 1 Accent Responsive

Developing our people

Providing support and career advancement for staff, and investing in local community initiatives


We put this methodology into practice by employing our GreenBrand ethos where we make use of eco-friendly products and sustainable services to provide our customers the highest quality final product while being as sustainable as we possibly can.

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Aura's procurement policy

Click below to view or download our procurement policy