We can provide a team of creatives who will bring your brand to life. From in-depth creative solutions to full brand audits, our team will help you with any creative need you have. 

Crafting your brand

Your brand can be anything - anything that signifies the products or services your business offers. It helps your business stand out from your competitors and keeps your identity front of mind.

Great brands create not only loyal customers, but also dedicated employees. Great brands give people something to believe in, something to stand behind and most importantly, something to be proud of. A great brand helps people understand the purpose of a business.

We understand the complexities involved in engaging and connecting people with your brand.  

When building a brand, we always aim to: 

  • Create brand loyalty
  • Clearly deliver your brand message
  • Connect the target audience with your brand
  • Drive interest to your business
  • Motivate the buyer to reach out to you

Whether you have a shiny new business or are looking for a brand refresh speak to us and see how we can make your ideas a reality.

An effective brand lands with impact, and leaves a lasting impression that will drive customers back again and again.

Bringing your brand to life

It's in our name, Aura Brand Solutions. We have a solution to fit any brand; our creativity knows no bounds. As brand experts, we have one job: to generate impactful creative solutions that help your business stand out.  

No matter the channel, our creative approach enables you to stand out, engage with your customers and build on your brand. We provide you with design solutions to help across multiple channels, whether looking at increasing brand awareness, advertising, or sales tools.

Every creative job we do, we always put everything we have behind it. We believe in collaboration and that creativity works best when it’s done through teamwork.

Design And Spec Responsive

Original Design Concepts

Route Mapping Responsive

Full Conceptual Workflow

Calendar Responsive

Campaign Concepts and Strategy

What we can do for you!

  • Brand Concepts & Guidelines
  • White Papers & Inforgraphics
  • Sales Brochures & Literature
  • Social Media Assets
  • Vehicle Livery Concepts
  • Office Branding
  • Full Campaign Concepts
  • Social Media Assets
  • Internal Communications
  • Design Consultations