Vehicle Media & Advertising Systems

Your fleet has the power to reach thousands whilst it delivers products & services to your customers. By bringing technology, service and true campaign data together we can make your vehicle fleet a valuable, accountable and dynamic part of your marketing toolkit

Using your fleet as a tactical media platform. Why do it?

  • Your vehicles don’t just deliver goods - they can deliver campaigns. You own it, you control it.
  • It works well alongside traditional channels & other out of home platforms.
  • But it can stand alone too. It has great reach in areas other OOH media can’t and delivers high OTS.
  • Compared to static billboards of a similar size, it delivers on value & flexibility.
  • As it moves, it provides high visibility & impact against less clutter.
  • You can target, plan & measure results with trusted data analysis for accountability.

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The Service

The effectiveness of using your fleet as an accountable media platform relies on a few key things. Obviously, it needs to be easy and quick to do, but it's the service that ensures real success. You need good planning, great implementation and effective evaluation. These are the service elements we work through with you to hit your objectives.

Aura Vehicle Media & Advertising Service & Process

The Data

Using trusted data analysis, we can help your marketing team plan and execute regular campaigns on your vehicles.
We use the same independent data and evaluation tools used by all the leading outdoor media providers.

Chart 1

Analyse, evaluate & measure for planning & reporting

Target Campaigns

Match target audience profiles to specific vehicle movements

Compare Costs Benefits

Account for it - compare cost & benefit against other media to justify spend

The Technology

Depending on your fleet profile and objectives, we use a combination of leading vehicle advertising frames and self-adhesive films. For regular campaign changes on truck and trailer based fleets, we use the market-leading vehicle media system.

Installation of campaign banners in advertising frame system for DFS distribution fleet

Why use our quick-change system?

  • Quick change livery system minimises downtime of your vehicles
  • A range of solutions to meet your needs
  • High tension for a perfect display
  • HD quality printing for maximum impact
  • Exemplary safety record and MIRA tested
  • Fully warranted for ultimate peace of mind
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Sky van fleet wrapped in Minions Movie livery for promotional campaign

Fleet Livery & Vehicle Graphics Management

Alongside the ability to use your vehicles as flexible campaign-driven marketing tools, we provide the full livery service that manages your corporate identity on your fleet from design to ongoing aftercare.

Expertly managed. Carefully delivered.

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