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How To Future-Proof Your Brand in 7 Steps

May 08, 2019

It’s safe to say that your brand is easily one of your most valuable assets. It accounts for a significant percentage of your organisation’s market value, and if harnessed correctly it has the power to catapult you into a serious advantage over your competitors.

Despite this, good brand management isn’t always prioritised, which leads to many companies not being able to successfully future-proof their brands. Future-proofing is the ability to prepare and maintain your company’s infrastructure to predict changes in the market to stay relevant and profitable.

To ensure your brand will stay afloat in the long run, it’s important to have a system which continuously evolves through technological advancements and new social developments. A well thought out strategy, and extensive insight are crucial to making your brand your most intangible resource.

In this guide we’ll take you through the key steps to ultimately future-proof your brand:

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1. Define exactly who you are

It’s essential to be as authentic as you can when structuring your business goals and management strategies. Decide on a mission statement and stick to it – stay true to what your core values are as a company to emanate a sense of coherence and cement your impact on the market. What does your business stand for? What kind of demographic are you targeting? If you want to have a strong brand identity you need to know what it’s rooted in before you can go any further.

2. Value your employees’ input

Many businesses focus most of their attention and resources on reeling in customers, and often forget about their own staff. Employees are the most credible physical representation of your brand, so it’s important that they reflect the image you’re looking to portray. Ensure they are involved in all stages of the business, and only hire new staff that mirror your ethos. They are the advocates engaged with the core of your business, so they are fundamental to developing your brand.

3. Make yourself distinguishable

Find out what sets you apart from others in your field. You must be clear on how to sell yourself to show what would make your customers buy from you instead of your competition. Don’t forget to pay attention to what your competition are doing too as it could serve to expand your knowledge of the main customer base you’re going after. Consistency is an invaluable quality to have, so have it as a common thread throughout your effort of standing out from everyone else.

4. Strive to be a pioneer

Always be looking for new materials to work with, and new technology to invest in – the landscape of business is ever changing so it’s important to be at the forefront of what the latest products are. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and lead the pack. Forward thinking brands are often the most successful – explore all contemporary avenues that are presented to you and keep an eye on digital trends.

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5. Understand your audience

To move your business forward you need to have a complete idea of what your customers’ needs are. Their perception of what your services can offer contributes heavily to their loyalty to your brand. Figure out what they have come to expect of you, and more importantly what they require from you, and then strive to provide them with that every time. Meeting the expectations of your main demographic can only serve to push you forward.

6. Use metrics to measure success

Use measuring tools/analytics to track your success, forecast profits, and figure out what approaches work best for you – this will help you to maximise your assets and gauge the value of your brand. What channels and touchpoints are most effective at growing your value? Are you using social media to your absolute benefit? Hone in on which brand KPIs are most important, and use advanced metric tools to see where you’re falling short on drawing more customers in.

7. Optimise your potential

Experiment with new partnerships to stretch your brand into other fields that serve a broader customer base. This also develops you as a key player in your industry and builds strong business relationships with like-minded companies. If you want to be the best only work with the best. Also, convenience is king when it comes to brand fluidity, so transforming into a one-stop shop is important as it will ultimately drive more customers to you. If you give them an end to end brand experience it will keep them coming back indefinitely.

At Aura Brand Solutions we consider ourselves to be the go-to experts in the field of brand implementation. We know how to provide a fully rounded service that has the power to take your brand from the early stages of conception to the top of the ladder. We get involved at every level of project management and provide you with solutions that work within your budget and timescale. Get in touch today to see how we can help you propel your business forward, and future-proof your brand.