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Is Your Workplace Winter-Ready?

November 23, 2023

Getting your facilities and vehicles ready for the winter is super important. The winter months can bring damaging harsh weather and cause havoc with your workplace. To combat these adverse effects, there are several precautions you can take to safeguard your business.

Here are a few products that will instantly make your workplace winter-ready and give you peace of mind.

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Climate Control Films

Do you know about climate control films? Glass and window films are not just for decoration – they can have great technical properties too!

Capable of managing heat and solar energy transfer, these thermal films can make significant difference to your heating bills.

Climate control films are a great, cost-effective option for managing heat due to their insulating and heat-reflective properties. They can be the perfect solution for premises that only have single glazed windows, by giving them the insulation properties of double glazing. Similarly, buildings that are double glazed can reap the benefits of triple glazing.

Film application is much cheaper and faster than replacing windows, making it a far more practical choice for many organisations who want to improve the comfort of their internal environment and their energy efficiency.

Climate Control films have the added benefit of making your business more environmentally friendly by providing temperature control for all seasons. For example, in the summer the films reflect glare, UV rays and infrared light without affecting the transmission of natural light. By reducing the need for heating, artificial light and air-conditioning, you can make great energy savings.

Find out more about protective glass films here.

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If you’re concerned about your vehicles, buildings or roofs this winter, Blocksil could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Blocksil coatings have a wide range of application aimed at providing sustainable, energy and labour-saving solutions.

Anti-corrosion coatings such as the Graphene Enhanced Topcoat, which is a solvent-free one coat system, are surface tolerant and provide waterproofing almost immediately. The coatings are fire tested and available in a range of colours meaning they can be applied to almost any exposed surface.

Notably, their use on rail carriages and flat roofs makes these coatings a worthwhile investment, especially during winter months. They’re a highly effective solution, providing protection from water ingress and other damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Suitable for both preventative purposes and repairs, including preventing vandalism, protective coatings provide the ideal solution for all surfaces.

Even if surfaces are already damaged or cracked, Blocksil repair coatings completely seal and plug any potential leaks. By preventing the need for complete replacement, they can significantly extend the lifespan of your buildings and vehicles.

AURA DPD Stills 5


Durability meets design with AuraFlex+, our solution for your surface refurbishment requirements. It can be printed with almost any pattern, photo or design and applied to almost any surface, giving you a brand-new aesthetic without having to replace anything.

It's highly robust and resistant to wear and tear so there's no need to worry about scuffs and scrapes, making it low maintenance, cost-effective and perfect for high-traffic areas.

What's more, it has antibacterial properties, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other high-contact areas, especially in winter when germs may be more prevalent.

Long-lasting, fresh surfaces for a fraction of the price - what are you waiting for?!

Find out more here.

With winter approaching, we provide plenty of options that can help you safeguard your employees, keep your offices open, and keep operations ticking over.

So, if you’re looking to get your workplace winter-ready and know that your organisation would benefit from any of these solutions, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!